You CAN own property on Norfolk Island!

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Australian and New Zealand citizens CAN own property and commercial businesses on Norfolk Island… the South Pacific’s haven of lifestyle.

It used to be that you had to jump through hoops in order to purchase property, or even live on Norfolk Island.

Not any more!!

Citizens from other countries such as USA and the UK, can also invest via application (just as you would for property on the Australian mainland). 

Norfolk Island boasts some of the most exclusive property in the southern hemisphere… and a slice of paradise could be YOURS.

YOU CAN purchase land, secure a home, buy a business, invest in a commercial venture, own a holiday home to come and go as you please, or live permanently on Norfolk Island.

“We’ve done it ourselves; shifting here from Australia over 12 years ago. We can help you to realise your lifestyle dreams.”

David ~ Principal, Island Realty.

Norfolk Island has a flourishing property market with homes to suit all stages of life, family sizes and budget.  There is also a strengthening rental market investors can take advantage of.  Check out these affordable options on a sub-tropical island you always thought was out of your reach.  Now is the time to realise that seachange you always dreamed about!

For all of your enquiries of Norfolk Island – real estate and lifestyle – you will find Norfolk Island Realty right in town in The Strand Arcade on Taylors Road.  Call in and talk to David or Coral.

Proprietor David Bell has been a licensed real estate agent in Australia operating his own Agency for 14 years; now specializing in Norfolk Island.  David has over 30 years experience in Real Estate.   Originally from Queensland, he is now a resident of Norfolk Island so he knows in great detail the ins and outs of relocating to this unique island community.

Phone David any time on +6723 50701 or email for your Norfolk Island enquiries.


When visiting Norfolk Island why not stay at Shiralee Executive Cottages, a short stroll from the RSL Club, shops, restaurants and cafés in the town centre.

Email or phone (+6723) 22118 for bookings and enquiries.

Mention ‘Island Realty’ and we will give you a VIP 20% discount!

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island home.