A Sea-Change is in the Air

Sea-Change Norfolk Island

Ever wondered HOW you could relocate to a beautiful South Pacific island?  If it is even possible?  Ever been told it’s NOT possible to live in Norfolk Island? Or even own property there?

We’re here to tell you.. that you CAN own property in Norfolk Island.  (And you always could!)

So HOW do you shift here?

EXACTLY as you do on the mainland.. pack up your stuff, and send it away! 

You CAN move to Norfolk Island with NO restrictions!

The Norfolk Island Government has introduced legislation to allow Australian and New Zealand citizens to live on Norfolk Island without the need to run a business or work on the island, as has been the case in the past.  Additionally new legislation allows Australians to establish a new business.

ALL Australian & NZ citizens can own their own slice of Paradise on Norfolk Island.  You can work here, retire here, holiday here, or live here part time.. you choose!

Citizens from other countries such as USA and the UK, can invest and/or live here via application* (just as you would for property on the Australian mainland). 

For a fraction of the cost in Australia you can purchase land, secure a house or unit, buy a business, own a holiday home, invest in property, or live permanently on Norfolk Island. 

There is tremendous interest from people wishing to relocate to Norfolk Island and wanting to live in the safe, relaxed, and friendly environment. Last year saw the largest movement of property the island has known.. almost since the Pitcairners’ arrival in 1856!

As a consequence, real estate prices have bottomed out and are on the rise.  It is our advice that you get in quick before asking prices climb once again.

There is no better time to purchase than now.

Land rates and income tax are being introduced this financial year as per the rest of Australia, adopted gradually over a period of years.  However Norfolk Island is now GST FREE as of 31st July 2016.   That is, NO Island GST to pay and NO Australian GST to pay!

Norfolk Island Realty proprietor David Bell, originally from Australia, is a resident of Norfolk Island.  He was a licensed real estate agent in Australia operating his own Agency for 14 years; now he specialises in Norfolk Island.  After shifting here 12 years ago, he has been an advocate of dozens of people from all over the world making their move to Norfolk Island.  He knows in great detail the ins and outs of relocating to this unique island community, and he and his staff will be with you every step of the way.

For further information phone David any time on +6723 50701 or email david@norfolkislandrealty.com for your Norfolk Island enquiries.

Whilst on Norfolk Island why not stay at Shiralee Executive Cottages,

a short stroll from the RSL Club, shops, restaurants and cafes. Please email bookings@shiraleecottages.com.au for enquiries or bookings.

We look forward to seeing you on our beautiful island home.


*All Australian and New Zealand citizens can own their own slice of paradise on Norfolk Island with no restrictions.  All other citizens can apply for ownership of land, businesses, units, or new homes under Australian Foreign Ownership regulations.