There are many reasons why people choose to rent, including skyrocketing house prices and buyer affordability. 

Also, not everyone wants to own a property, take on the pressure of a mortgage or to be locked into living in the same property in the same area. They want the flexibility and lifestyle benefits that can come with renting.

Renting offers a number of key benefits:

  • Easier to make changes if you are not locked into a home loan
  • Better financial stability – you clearly know your monthly expenses and can plan for them
  • No maintenance or repair costs – the owner of the property is typically responsible
  • Affordability – renting enables people to enjoy a lifestyle in an area they may not be able to afford to buy in
  • Flexibility to move – if you don’t like the neighbourhood or if you want a different lifestyle, you can easily move once your lease expires
  • Ability to diversify your investments rather than putting all your savings into paying your home loan
  • No market risk – as you don’t own the property, the impact of property market fluctuations will not impact your long-term finances
  • Save for a home deposit

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